Philippa Baker
Senior Designer

Philippa has over ten years of experience decorating homes in Washington, DC and working in the design industry.  Although she is of British descent, Philippa was born and raised in Africa, and it was her upbringing amidst the diverse and vibrant African culture that instilled her with an affinity for aesthetics and design from an early age.  She also developed a deep appreciation for global culture, art and history – giving her a cosmopolitan sensibility that continues to inspire and influence her design projects today.

Philippa has a love for the minimalist aesthetic as well as a sharp eye for detail and color.  Over the years she has cultivated her craft and gained further appreciation for the challenges and rewards of the design process.  Philippa has a passion for the modern styles with classic influences; however she is not afraid to introduce a funky, fun edge.  In addition, her long-running involvement in D.C.’s thriving music and arts scene enables her to bring a fresh, youthful and energetic element to all of her work.